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Week 14 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and wishing you everything you ever wanted.

2nd January is still a holiday in Scotland, we don’t take Good Friday, but I couldn’t sleep last night, excited about the prospects I’m going to speak with today. This is my year. This year that old blueprint is gone – Forever! This year my own true self will fully emerge. It’s been covered up with all sorts of ‘stuff’ for so long but now it’s my time to shine.

Found a great motivational video you might enjoy.

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 360 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Week 13 – A Roll of the Dice.

Merry Christmas everybody! There are always terrible things that happen all year round but when they happen at Christmas, it seems so much worse. It’s a time for fun, festivities, gift giving and general good will amongst men and women and kids. This week a dreadful accident happened right in the middle of my city at a time when it was packed with shoppers, families having fun at the funfair. A 25 tonne refuse lorry plowed through pedestrians and crashed into a Hotel. If you come from Glasgow or have ever visited the city, you will undoubtedly have stood at that spot or within a few feet. It could have been anyone of us, just the roll of the dice.

Grateful just doesn’t come close to how I felt after I heard about it that my son had not gone into town that day. So grateful that I could go to bed safe and sound that evening and my son was safe in his room. Grateful to wake up in the morning and be given another opportunity to be of service to someone. You are never so grateful than when you realise how just how lucky you really are.

So with a grateful heart I did my reads, sits and all but the best bit so far this week has been watching some of the films on our list.

I have seen Cool Runnings a few times but watching it with a different perspective gave it a lot more emotion.

October Sky is a wonderful story of some young schoolboys and their attempts to perfect a rocket and enter the regional Science Contest.  A true story of faith and persistence, triumph over adverstiy and having the courage to stand up to your family.

My favourite film was Door To Door. A fantastic performance by William Macy about a young man with cerebral palsy who only manages to secure a job as a salesman by offering to take the most difficult route for the Watkin’s company selling laundry products.  It had me laughing and crying in equal measures. Just a beautiful film. And that word grateful came to mind again.

Wishing you a peaceful and merry week.

Week 12 – Hey, whachya doin?

I’ve been a bit coy about sharing with my wider circle what I’ve been doing but I’ve had enough epiphanies and tangible experiences take place that I’m fully ready to share what this Master Keys Master Mind Association is all about with everyone. Well, for something so fantastic, it would be selfish otherwise and selfishness is just not me.

I’m getting close to being half way through this 6 month personal discovery experience. I don’t want to use the word “journey” as it implies a final destination, I’m a student, again, and I never want to stop learning about life and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

It’s based around the book The Masterkey System – in 24 parts by Charles F. Haanel. This book is not to be read like a novel but as a study course. Learning about the secrets of thinking! He writes: “we must ‘be’ before we can ‘do’ and we can ‘do’ only to the extent of which we ‘are’, and what we ‘are’ depends upon what we ‘think.’  And, oh boy, have I been doing a lot of thinking lately. Not the random stuff that filled my head before, oh no, this involves mental bootcamp; this involves being fully conscious of what goes in and out of my head. But I’ve had to learn it. “What? You’ve been thinking all your life, you needed to learn more?” I hear you say. Well, yes. But, the best part is it’s totally fascinating and fun! I love how I’m thinking these days. You see, there’s a bit more to it. I’ve been learning about The 7 Laws of the Mind too.

The Law of Growth stipulates that what we think about grows, what we forget, atrophies.  This exercise for the mind has us concentrating on the things that we want to happen and to have in our life and to release all other thoughts (negative ones). If we concentrate of what we want, picture it, sense it, step inside it and feel it, smell it, taste it then our subconscious mind see’s it as a given.

For several weeks now I’ve been on a mental diet. “A what?” Yeah, going 7 days without a bad thought and if I have one, I have to start the 7 days all over again. Do you know how hard that is? Try it. The first time I did it, I lasted about an hour. I’ve been paying attention to what goes through my mind. If it’s a good thought and enriches my life or that of others then it stays. However, if it’s a bad thought, one that doesn’t serve me, it’s gone baby! And I need to get rid of it within 7 seconds.

Now hold that thought, I’ll be back.

Week 11 – Masterkeys update

I’m late in writing this week’s post because I’ve been in a bit of a funk all week. Not quite sure why. I didn’t really enjoy the webinar, I was expecting some huge Ah ha! type moment we’d been told to expect – and it just didn’t happen! I’ve been deep in thought, no lack there, just not getting the answers. Anyhow, rather than infect people with my negativity, I chose not to write anything at all.  Thing is I need to write a blog to keep the requirement side of my contract going.. I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t always get the answer to our questions right away and sometimes it’s best just to let things go for a while and the answer will come.  Somehow down the line, the dots will connect. However, I’ve  reviewed everything so far. I’m up to date with my dmp, ppn’s, readings, sits, my movie trailer has a few gaps where I’m still looking for visuals to put in there. I have the faith to believe that by doing all the right things now, the right results will happen. Got to thank Stephen Rosen for bringing this fabulous video to my attention. There are a few things that keep coming to mind when I’m feeling challenged. Thanks Steve.

Week 10 – The Passenger

Something happened last night that doesn’t happen very often. I became the passenger instead of the driver.  A friend had invited be to be her +1 at the press launch of a new Cafe in the west end of Glasgow.  When she arrived, she was driving her old blue van with her business logo on the side, Thorntonhall Farmhouse Icecream, she is a supplier to the new cafe. I knew we were going across town and didn’t really fancy the journey in a rickety old bus on the motorway, so I asked if she wanted to come in my car. “No, it’s ok” she said, “I’ll drive.” So I climbed in and we set off. We were chattering away as usual, me interrupting when I saw something eyecatching. It was when we were coming home (after some splendid hospitality from Penny Black’s) that she said, “you’ve become the passenger, you’re seeing things that you don’t normally see because you usually drive.” Now, I’m not advocating that we all take our eyes off the road whilst driving, but it did occur to me that we miss so much by always being the driver.  Note to self: take the train and visit some areas I’ve not been to in a while. Get out more and appreciate what is around us.

So that leads me to what I was going to talk about which is being an Observer. I’ve noticed how much more happy I’ve been since I stopped giving opinions. I still get asked but I’m more likely to say “I don’t know ..” And it’s the same with listening to opinions, especially if they’re negative. I’ve developed a habit of somehow deflecting stuff I don’t want to hear and highlighting something positive. I think overall I’d say that progress is good.