Week 12 – Hey, whachya doin?

I’ve been a bit coy about sharing with my wider circle what I’ve been doing but I’ve had enough epiphanies and tangible experiences take place that I’m fully ready to share what this Master Keys Master Mind Association is all about with everyone. Well, for something so fantastic, it would be selfish otherwise and selfishness is just not me.

I’m getting close to being half way through this 6 month personal discovery experience. I don’t want to use the word “journey” as it implies a final destination, I’m a student, again, and I never want to stop learning about life and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

It’s based around the book The Masterkey System – in 24 parts by Charles F. Haanel. This book is not to be read like a novel but as a study course. Learning about the secrets of thinking! He writes: “we must ‘be’ before we can ‘do’ and we can ‘do’ only to the extent of which we ‘are’, and what we ‘are’ depends upon what we ‘think.’  And, oh boy, have I been doing a lot of thinking lately. Not the random stuff that filled my head before, oh no, this involves mental bootcamp; this involves being fully conscious of what goes in and out of my head. But I’ve had to learn it. “What? You’ve been thinking all your life, you needed to learn more?” I hear you say. Well, yes. But, the best part is it’s totally fascinating and fun! I love how I’m thinking these days. You see, there’s a bit more to it. I’ve been learning about The 7 Laws of the Mind too.

The Law of Growth stipulates that what we think about grows, what we forget, atrophies.  This exercise for the mind has us concentrating on the things that we want to happen and to have in our life and to release all other thoughts (negative ones). If we concentrate of what we want, picture it, sense it, step inside it and feel it, smell it, taste it then our subconscious mind see’s it as a given.

For several weeks now I’ve been on a mental diet. “A what?” Yeah, going 7 days without a bad thought and if I have one, I have to start the 7 days all over again. Do you know how hard that is? Try it. The first time I did it, I lasted about an hour. I’ve been paying attention to what goes through my mind. If it’s a good thought and enriches my life or that of others then it stays. However, if it’s a bad thought, one that doesn’t serve me, it’s gone baby! And I need to get rid of it within 7 seconds.

Now hold that thought, I’ll be back.


11 responses to “Week 12 – Hey, whachya doin?

  1. Hi Grace, I too was shy about sharing with everyone about MKMMA partly because I had done so many other courses and did not want them to say
    Oh..another one?
    This is different since the changes are within.

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    • Yes, I guess I felt a bit exposed at first but I also wanted to fully understand what was going on before sharing. If someone wanted to ask me what it was all about I wanted to be able to explain without sounding vague.


  2. Thanks Grace. Love your posts. Makes me think I should I adapt the style of my posts, so that other, non-momma members can get the picture. Yes, let’s spread the word about this !

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  3. HI, thanks for dropping by again. I guess it’s just my style, the way I feel comfortable with. Also, as I said before, I needed to be in a position of being able to describe what was going on with some kind of level of experience before writing about it. Thanks so much for your comments, always enjoy them. Have a great Christmas.


  4. I haven’t been concealing, but also not actively promoting. It’s still a private thing for me – except for on my blog! – unless someone makes the type of comment that says they need and want it.

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  5. So how do you feel about other people promoting your blog as per mkmma requirements, Ellen? Do you feel there will be a time when you will can share it more openly?


  6. Great post , Grace a must share!

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  7. Well your blog is written beautifully, hopefully your friends read it and take note

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