Week 13 – A Roll of the Dice.

Merry Christmas everybody! There are always terrible things that happen all year round but when they happen at Christmas, it seems so much worse. It’s a time for fun, festivities, gift giving and general good will amongst men and women and kids. This week a dreadful accident happened right in the middle of my city at a time when it was packed with shoppers, families having fun at the funfair. A 25 tonne refuse lorry plowed through pedestrians and crashed into a Hotel. If you come from Glasgow or have ever visited the city, you will undoubtedly have stood at that spot or within a few feet. It could have been anyone of us, just the roll of the dice.

Grateful just doesn’t come close to how I felt after I heard about it that my son had not gone into town that day. So grateful that I could go to bed safe and sound that evening and my son was safe in his room. Grateful to wake up in the morning and be given another opportunity to be of service to someone. You are never so grateful than when you realise how just how lucky you really are.

So with a grateful heart I did my reads, sits and all but the best bit so far this week has been watching some of the films on our list.

I have seen Cool Runnings a few times but watching it with a different perspective gave it a lot more emotion.

October Sky is a wonderful story of some young schoolboys and their attempts to perfect a rocket and enter the regional Science Contest.  A true story of faith and persistence, triumph over adverstiy and having the courage to stand up to your family.

My favourite film was Door To Door. A fantastic performance by William Macy about a young man with cerebral palsy who only manages to secure a job as a salesman by offering to take the most difficult route for the Watkin’s company selling laundry products.  It had me laughing and crying in equal measures. Just a beautiful film. And that word grateful came to mind again.

Wishing you a peaceful and merry week.


8 responses to “Week 13 – A Roll of the Dice.

  1. What to do with terrible events? They can help us become more compassionate with others and ourselves. The challenge is to allow for it, while still being open to other great things in life. Anyway that was my thought when reading your blog.
    I think your reaction is what can make the human race better, building on being more caring and giving. Just don’t stare into the Abyss!


    • Hi there. I can’t find your profile so I can’t address you by name. Thanks for your kind words. It’s interesting to observe my reactions to things since doing the mkmma. I’m a ot more open and being more observant for sure. Let me have your blog page so I can follow you too. Have a great week. Grace

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    • Hi! My name is Elaine Archambeau. So on the blog site is where I am! I am glad to see you integrate your humanity into your being!


  2. Grace, you have a great sense to put things in perspective, and here you masterfully show how grateful we could (should) be for the most ordinary things in life. I wish you a peaceful end of 2014 and a great year 2015.

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  3. Ah Luc, thank you so much. And thank you so much for the beautiful card which I received yesterday. That was such a sweet surprise. Wishing you all that you want for you and your family this coming year. Enjoy the festivities. Grace x


  4. Life is beautiful and fragile, but so commonplace that we tend to take it for granted. Kudos on your flood of constant gratitude!

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